Phone Time With A Genius


Talk to the BOSS for 15 minutes before you through hundreds if not thousands away into something he knows will or will not work ahead of time.

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What is Phone Time With A Genius?

We have one guy working with us on staff who is a polymath. He can provide up to 4 consultations a day.

He is able to think about 9 times faster than you and I do. This has been thoroughly tested and is to your benefit. Even 2 times faster than us would be a big win for most people.

He has been programming as a hobby since 1981. And out of his creative mind, the province of British Columbia Canada has gained over 17 billion in wealth. Most of the important inventions in the world came from him first and then were developed by his clients. He doesn’t need to own it all like the more famous smart guys. He gives away 8 out of 9 inventions because life is too short to do everything yourself.

He was the youngest professor at his University. He listens very well to your problems and reads between the lines. Then using a personal business consulting background with more than 10,000 consultations across all industries in over a decade he already has your solution in mind.

He likes to get two birds with one stone. He likes to head off problems at the pass and prevent bad things from happening to people and business. He fixes it before it breaks because broken things never repair fully and properly.

He is too generous with his time. He is professional which means whether you are General Mills, General Motors, General Foods, or just a General he will not share your secrets, or boast about your success by following his instructions.

He literally can pretend he is you and your money and business is his. Your business is his and he doesn’t want to make any mistakes or sell himself sort.

Get your notes in front of you and BUY TIME. Deposit $45 to receive a 15 minute Call while at the same time save a puppy somewhere in the world today.

Your purchase includes an additional 15 minutes first-time caller added to your regular session, plus 15 minutes of research on your behalf before or after our live phone session.

BUY NOW so we can book your session and use the service when you need it before the standard rates increase again.